New Product: Soap Free Cleansing Base – Syndopour 200 MB

You can steer clear of soap and still be clean! One of our latest product additions is Syndopour 200 MB, an innovative new melt and pour cleanser manufactured by Stephenson that contains absolutely no soap.

Like other melt and pour bases, Syndopour 200-MB is a solid, opaque, off-white block with no notable fragrance, intended to be heated and poured into any mold of your choosing. This vegan-friendly material has been dermatologically and clinically tested. It is neutral in pH while still creating great levels of foam and lather. Essential oils, colorants, and other additives can be incorporated to the melted base at a recommended level that does not exceed 3% of the total formulation to create your ideal cleanser.

What does MB as noted in the name mean?

Several of the ingredients in Syndopour 200-MB have been sourced from Palm Oil. This ingredient falls under the Mass Balance RSPO Certification, one of four certification levels offered by the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil, which monitors the trade of sustainably certified and non-sustainably certified palm oil. MB certification allows the overall production of both RSPO and non- RSPO certified palm oil to maintain an even balance. MB requires administrative traceability of the input and mixing of RSPO and non-RSPO certified palm oil, but at controlled quantities. Any palm-based ingredient in this product is sourced in a manner that is compliant with Mass Balance Certification terms.

Why soap free?

We all have varying skin types and have to select the right personal-care and cosmetic products accordingly! Many find soap-based cleansers are too harsh on their skin, stripping away necessary moisture. In addition, those with sensitive skin types may need to avoid strong cleansers. Consumers with these concerns will often instead opt for soap-free cleansers and “syndets” (synthetic detergents).

Syndopour 200-MB can be used to formulate luxurious bars to replace soap, shampoo, conditioner, and even shaving cream. Take the first step to making your own personal cleanser and visit to pick it up at everyday wholesale pricing.