Let’s Celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day with a Little Extra Savings.

National Mom and Pop Owners Day was established by Rich and Margie Segal as tribute to their parents who operated a hat shop that developed into $2 million clothing store. It is a holiday to recognize the hard work, dedication, and long hours individuals endure when creating an organization.  Small businesses are an essential part of our economy, for they create economic growth with the countless jobs they offer. In addition, they provide incredible live customer service that are most likely to be very knowledgeable about their products. The pandemic has been hard on these businesses, so let’s show them their much-deserved appreciation on March 29th. Jedwards would like to celebrate by offering 15% off the following products throughout the entire month of March.

  • Black Currant (S1050)
  • Cacay Nut Oil – Virgin (S1112)
  • Cocoa Powder Dutched 20/22 Fat – Organic (G1060)
  • Glyceryl Monostearate (C1018-C1)
  • M&P Soap Base -Crystal Sp Sg 11.5kg. (C1072-C1)
  • M&P Soap Base – Cyrstal Carrot Cucumber & Aloe 2lb (C2100-C2)
  • M&P Soap Base – Crystal Donkey Milk 2lb (C2110-C2)
  • M&P Soap Base – Crystal Honey 2lb (C2120-C2)
  • M&P Soap Base – Crystal Hemp 2lb (C2130-C2)
  • Palmarosa (E1120)
  • Passion Fruit Seed Oil – Virgin (S1409)
  • Rosehip Oil – Virgin Organic (S1520)
  • Vinegar – White 20% – Non-Gmo (K1000)
  • Vinegar – White 20% Organic (K1010)