Scents of Summer: DIY Candles

Summer plans, especially travel and big events, might be disrupted this year. We no longer solely rely on candles for light, but for mood and décor instead. By purchasing our bulk candle-making bases and essential oils, you can set the scene with the scents of summer and transport yourself to vacation. Here’s a glimpse into what we offer!

Candle Bases

Every candle requires a wax to burn before you think about anything else. Paraffin wax has been one of the leading ingredients in candle-making since the mid-19th century, when it was discovered. White in color and fragrance free, it’s an inexpensive option to use in your candles! We’re happy to offer Fully Refined Paraffin Wax (B3087) and if you’re making a paraffin wax candle, you may want to pick up some Stearic Acid (C1030) to help counteract the naturally low melting point of paraffin wax.   

There is evidence to suggest that beeswax has been used for candle-making for millennia. In western civilization, animal fat was easier to obtain than beeswax, so it was mostly reserved for richer citizens. With advances in technology, beeswax has made a resurgence in the candle market, especially with the demand for natural products. Natural beeswax is typically yellow to golden-yellow in color and has a mildly sweet, honey-like aroma. We offer several options for Beeswax:

  • Natural blocks (B4025) – a block of melted beeswax
  • Yellow granules (B4010), (B4040) – small, easy to use granules of beeswax that have been filtered of debris
  • White granules (B4020), (B4050) – similar to yellow granules except the color is naturally removed

Soy wax is a relatively recent discovery, only making its way into the candle industry in the 1990s, believe it or not. People wanted a natural alternative to Paraffin wax, and a cheaper alternative to Beeswax, and soy wax was the answer. We are a wholesale supplier of Golden Brands’ Soy Wax Flakes (B4091), (B4092), (B4093).


  • Recall the memories of a childhood lemonade stand by using lemon oil (EHM1200), (EHM1205). Spruce it up by adding rosemary [(EHM1130), (EHM1131)], spearmint [(E1170), (E1165)], or basil oil [(E1000), (E1010)]. 
  • Enjoy a nice night outside without the bother of bugs by making your own citronella [(E1210), (E1211)] candle!
  • A citrus oil like tangerine or grapefruit is a good base for a cocktail-inspired candle. Add some lime (EHM1185), spearmint [(E1170), (E1165)] or basil oil [(E1000), (E1010)] to complete the summer drink.
  • Close your eyes and pretend you’re on a tropical island. Adding virgin coconut oil (S1150), (S1151) to your candle base will add a lovely coconut aroma to your candle. Leave it at that, add a floral scent like ylang-ylang (E1299), or a citrus oil like orange (EHM1170), (EHM1000) and bam – your imagination along with the surrounding aroma may land you somewhere far away from reality!
  • Recreating an ocean breeze without manufactured or synthetic oils is difficult!  But essential oil aficionados have discovered if you combine a couple of the following oils, you can get close!

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