Babassu Oil – The Amazon’s Answer to Coconut Oil

An indispensable tool for soap makers, Jedwards bulk wholesale refined Organic Babassu Oil is a light yellow to white oil extracted via cold pressing from the Amazon’s prized Babassu Palm. It’s about 70% lipids, and its high Lauric (50%) and Myristic (20%) content means it shares many properties with our multi-talented coconut oil, including the characteristic of being solid at room temperature and its resistance to rancidity. Soap makers love the oil because it is an effective natural emollient.

As a plant, the Babassu Palm shares the Coconut Tree’s versatility in providing food, shelter, employment and natural remedies for the Amazonian communities. Babassu’s harvest season extends from August through November, and, like so many of our most prized oils, is extremely difficult to extract. In fact, it is the hardest seed in the world. Like another oil from a hard seed we love here (Argan Nut Oil), Babassu seeds are traditionally broken open by women in a laborious process, then the meat is taken to be expeller pressed.

While very common in soaps, Babassu Oil is growing in popularity as a skin care product. We’ve seen it used in creams, lip care products, and lotions. It absorbs into skin quickly and is not as ‘greasy’ as coconut oil can be initially. We’ve been buried in snow around here lately, and our thoughts have been turning to the products that feel the best on our dry skin. Test out some Organic Babassu Oil and see what you think!