Characterizing Cocoa Powder

As Valentine’s Day descends upon us, lovers worldwide will be agonizing over the perfect offering to reflect heartfelt feelings for their significant others.  Chocolate products go hand in hand with Valentine’s Day.  According to USA Today, consumers will spend approximately $1.8 million on chocolate products for Valentine’s Day in 2018.  What a perfect time to…

Summertime Savings – August 2017

The weather is heating up at Jedwards’ headquarters in New England, so too are the savings!  Jedwards International is offering a savings of 10% off (*restrictions apply) for the following materials this month:  Almond Oil – Sweet (S1000), Eucalyptus Oil, Smithii Organic (EHM1051) and Organic Mango Butter (B3041).

Captivated By Chocolate

  There have been numerous studies done over time to ascertain how chocolate consumption impacts humans.  One such study at the Human Olfaction Laboratory at Middlesex University concluded the smell of chocolate triggers positive reactions and may improve your mood. 

The Debut of Maple Syrup

As winter appears to be coming to an end and signs from Mother Nature offer promises of spring, mature maple trees scattered throughout New England and Canada are being drilled into and tapped with the hopes of an abundant sap flow.  The sap that dribbles out of the taps is collected, then filtered to remove…