The Down Low on Jojoba Beads

I have always been fascinated with Jojoba, my enchantment extending far past its pronunciation, “hə-ˈhō-bə”.  Extracted from seeds of the jojoba plant, this carrier oil is different from other seed oils in that Jojoba Oil is a mixture of long chain monounsaturated liquid wax esters, whereas other seed oils are made of triglycerides.  Read on. …

Kalahari to the Rescue

I have fond memories of neighborhood barbeques on hot, summer nights in my youth.  Ultimately, the evening would end with devouring sweet, delicious watermelon slices.   However, the biggest quandary I recall was, “What do I do with those pesky seeds?” 

Your Questions Answered

At Jedwards International, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, offering quality material and competitive pricing.  We have qualified sales staff manning the phones Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Eastern time to field the myriad of questions that come our way.

Getting Zany with Xylitol

Progressive choices on the market in sweeteners and sugar substitutes are on the rise, with good reason.  The average American consumes 400 calories per day from added sugars in their diet.  Excess sugar contributes to tooth decay and obesity.   Jedwards International is joining the ranks of businesses dedicated to offering healthier alternatives to sugar.  The…

Explosive July Specials

What better way to celebrate the independence of our great nation than to announce the raw materials we are discounting this month only!  The carrier oil that Jedwards International is offering at 10% off in July only is Rice Bran Oil (S1490). 

Making Waves with Marula

As with any industry, there are trends that are observed in the raw ingredient market.  It’s never quite clear how these trends gain momentum.  The latest material to take the bulk wholesale cosmetic industry by storm is Marula Oil.  Jedwards International is thrilled to be adding Virgin Organic Marula Oil to our ever-growing list of…

HSCG 2017 Conference Highlights

Jedwards International was delighted to be included as a proud sponsor of the HSCG Annual Conference in Las Vegas from May 1 through May 3.  The event was well attended with close to 600 participants; from the “just starting out” soap making hobbyist looking to mix and mingle with like-minded individuals to start up cosmetic…

Easter Alternatives – Healthy Sweeteners

While Peter Cottontail may be hopping around leaving candy laden baskets galore for children everywhere this weekend, it doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives to keep health conscious adults on track!!  At Jedwards International, we carry a number of healthy, natural sweeteners!  Our broad collection of sweeteners includes Stevia Powder, Maple Syrup, Honey, and Agave materials…

Sharing is Winning!!

Jedwards International is excited to announce a promotion which is sure to make one lucky customer per month very happy!  We’re encouraging our current and future customers alike to help share our news and informational blogs to the masses. 

Make Way for Monoi Oil

Monoi Oil will be making its appearance to the Jedwards International line up soon!  Monoi is a blended material consisting of an infused perfume oil created by soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias, also known as Tiaré flowers, in refined coconut oil.  The resulting fragrance is a subtle aroma which combines delicate floral with clean,…