The Great Outdoors!

With spring upon us and the weather improving, it’s time to get outside and get moving!  Whether you like to hike, garden, or just hangout in your hammock, there is something outdoors for everyone!

We at Jedwards International love our time enjoying nature and the world around us, but not everything outside is butterflies and roses.  There are ticks, flies, mosquitos, and other biting insects.  These insects can carry disease and cause illness and discomfort to both people and pets and put a quick end to a great time outdoors. 

Jedwards International is proud to offer a variety of all natural 100% pure essential oils that can be found in many types of insect repellents.  Citronella (E1210), lemongrass (E1090), peppermint (E1015), cedarwood (E1031), eucalyptus citriodora (E1057), lavender (E1076) and orange (EHM1170) essential oils are all common ingredients found in natural insect repellents and candles that can help keep those pesky bugs away!

Check out our website for further details and start grilling and chilling in the great outdoors!