Shea Nut Butter

Jedwards Shea Nut Products

Many societies have discovered and embraced the value of shea nut butter, and its many beauty and health benefits. Although mainly used as a cooking oil in Africa, demand for shea nut butter in the domestic cosmetic industry has exploded. Jedwards carries a variety of Shea products, including Organic and Fair Trade Certified options.

Virgin Marula Oil

New Product: Virgin Marula Oil !

We are excited to be carrying a new miraculous oil: Virgin Marula Oil sourced from Namibia! This oil is derived from the legendary Marula tree, native to Southern Africa and parts of East and West Africa, growing to be up to 18 feet tall. Fun fact about the Marula tree is that it’s dioecious, meaning these trees have…


August 2016 Savings!

August is your chance to get a hold of a few specialty products for a bargain! Kokum Butter   produced from the seeds of the Kokum tree’s (Garcinia indica) fruit is nature miracle.  Kokum remains solid at room temperature and is used in the preparation of confectionery and cosmetics. One of our four eucalyptus oils,  Eucalyptus – Smithii Organic (EHM1051) …


Indian Sal Butter

If your business is looking for a specialty ingredient to feature on their production line, then Sal butter should definitely be on your next purchase order. Sal Butter is sourced from India, where the collection of Sal seeds, benefits the women who work in the forests, helping to sustain their communities. With a melting point of…

Tangerine Oil

July 2016 Savings!

Happy 4th of July! Celebrate this month with products made in the USA! Our Tangerine Cold Pressed Oil along with our yellow and ivory Beeswax Blocks are all discounted in observation of the 4th of July. The lots we currently have in stock for these three products are sourced right here in the USA.

Soy Wax Flakes

Golden Brands’ Soy Wax

Our collection of soy wax flakes just got upgraded! Jedwards is now carrying Golden Brands’ Soy wax flakes which are tailored to make you candle making experience that much easier.  Golden Brands’ soy wax flakes are formulated with partially hydrogenated soybean oil and two of the products we will carry, even come with emulsifiers that allow the soy…

Jedwards Ice cream

Get Rewards for Product Pictures

Image Above: Chocolate Ice Cream. We used our Organic Fair Trade Sugar and Organic Cocoa Powder Dutched 10/12 Fat. We are now offering rewards for customers who post pictures of their products on our Facebook Page. We would love to see what our customers have been making with Jedwards’ products. We will be holding a monthly…

cocoa wafers

June 2016 Savings!

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to be inspired by savings! Quality Cocoa Butter Natural Wafers, refreshing Baobab Oil (Virgin), and fresh-smelling Eucalyptus Oil – Citriodora are all discounted for this month of June. The Eucalyptus Oil – Citriodora differs from the other eucalyptus oils we carry in that it is sourced from…

soap guild

Soap Guild 2016

Guess who’s going to the annual Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild? Jedwards is! This is the 19th annual HSCG Conference, which will be held from May19th-May21st. It is located at the Saddlebrook Resort just outside Tampa Florida. We will be displaying samples of a variety of our products. There will also be goodie bags filled with our…


New Products are Available

Check out our new products that just arrived! We now added Clary Sage, Fennel Oil-bitter, Fir Needle -Siberian, Juniper Berry and Pine Oil. Check out these fantastic oils and ‪#‎Jedwardsinternational‬ and ‪#‎bulknaturaloils‬ to share how you use our products.  

essential oil

Mother’s Day is Just Days Away!

Don’t forget about Mother’s Day this Sunday! Nothing’s better than homemade gifts. How about making some nice soaps, scrubs, diffusers, or perfumes. If your Mom likes making her own products how about sending her a little gift basket with her favorite essential oils? If she loves to cook how about adding some oils she can…